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Calmerry’s special offer for We Are Here family

Calmerry is proud to partner with We Are Here to offer special online therapy packages to share mental health support with people who need it most.

Matching with a best-fit counselor within 1 hour
Video and messaging session in a safe virtual space
Self-help content and tools to grow your mental skills

Choose your subscription option and start exploring the benefits of quality therapy

Each package includes unlimited access to secure messaging space, regular responses from your counselor, access to reflection tools, self-help content, and personalized therapy plan. Packages with video include a specified amount of sessions per month. However, you can always purchase additional sessions if needed.

Package I
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Package II
Messaging + 1 Video Session
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Package III
Messaging + 2 Video Session
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Package IV
Messaging + 4 Video Session
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Package V
Messaging + 8 Video Session
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How to start your therapy journey

Step 1
Choose one of our special packages
Choose from one of our flexible packages that fit your needs and schedule the best. You can always add more video sessions to it later.
Step 2
Create an account
Your Calmerry account will be your safe space for chatting with your counselor and accessing the self-help toolbox.
Step 3
Fill out the survey
We will ask you to fill out a survey to tell us who you are and what ails you. This survey will help us match you with the most suitable counselor.
Step 4 smile
Meet your counselor
Within an hour, we will connect you with your counselor. You can message them straight away and they will answer you during their working hours.
of clients are satisfied with the therapist we found for them
of clients admit feeling positive change after starting therapy
Jacqueline Gall
LMFT, 7 years in practice
Jasmine Cope
LCSW, 27 years in practice
John Jones
Dr. PhD, 14 years in practice
Chelsea Smith
MSW, 10 years in practice
David Cornell
LMHC, SUDP, 22 years in practice
Sandra Teniente
LPC, 15 years in practice
Eric Steininger
LPC, 6 years in practice
Sherrie Kaelin
LMHC, LPC, 22 years in practiceRiclair Gilot
Riclair Gilot
LCMHC, 10 years in practice
Jennifer Slack
LCSW, 18 years in practice
Michele Kapalcik
Dr. PhD, 20 years in practice
Christina Robert
PhD, LMFT, 20 years in practice
Marissa Hook
LPC, 6 years in practice
Tiffany Lovins
LMHC, 16 years in practice

Our 500+ therapists are responsive and outcomes-focused to support diverse needs.

Our caring professionals are here to provide personalized help

We’ll match you with the licensed and vetted mental health professional who fits you best. In our network, there are providers experienced in treating various issues, including:

  • Depression
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Emotional abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Addiction
  • Сhronic pain
  • Grief and trauma
  • Anger issues
  • Family conflict
  • Stress and burnout
  • and other...

Our 500+ therapists are responsive and outcomes-focused to support diverse needs.

Get continuous therapy experience
with our digital toolbox

Self-help courses
Get actionable tips from Calmerry therapists on how to cope with depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem and learn coping mechanisms.
Expert mental health content
Learn more about your mental health with articles, webinars, and newsletters prepared for you by a team of professionals in the field.
Friendly mood tracking bot
Understand how your mood changes with daily check-ins. Share them with your counselor to find patterns and learn how to manage them.
Insightful reflection helper
Build your self-awareness with guided journaling. Select the topics that resonate with you and create notes that you’ll be able to access anytime.