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Delivering quality mental health care to your employees in the most accessible way

Entrust your employee well-being to Calmerry’s nationwide network of licensed mental health professionals.

Recognized by leading healthcare media

With 81% of employees prioritizing mental health support in future job searches, investing in your team’s well-being is more crucial than ever.

A remarkable 94% find such support effective, and 45% deem it highly effective.*

* According to APA’s 2022 Work and Well-being survey

Corporate mental health: beyond a perk,
an essential investment

With Calmerry, you're supporting your employees and paving the way for a vibrant, successful organization. Here's how:
Unleash Productivity
Empower your team with the focus and energy they need to excel, driving your business forward.
Foster Engagement
Tackle mental health issues head-on to minimize absenteeism and boost overall commitment to the job.
Attract & Retain Top Talent
Become a magnet for top talent. Demonstrate your commitment to employee mental health, and see your team's loyalty flourish.
Cultivate a Thriving Work Culture
Create an environment where everyone feels supported and valued, fostering a positive workplace culture.

Calmerry offers a comprehensive approach to mental health your team can rely on

Whether managing anxiety, navigating burnout, combating stress, or addressing other mental health challenges, our network of 600+ licensed providers that have advanced levels of education and experience, can offer personalized care for your employees. No issue is too great to overcome:

Work-related stress
Imposter syndrome
Struggling to balance work and personal life
Decreased productivity
High staff turnover
Anxiety at work
Depression at work
and more..

Holistic solution for mental health in the workplace

For employee

Flexible therapy options

Your team members can discuss their problems with licensed professionals via messages or live video sessions exactly when they need it.

Personalized Therapy Plans

Each employee gets matched with a licensed therapist who is experienced in that employee’s particular issue and develops a specific plan to reach their therapy goals.

Self-care digital toolbox

To encourage your team members to work on their mental health, we’ll offer them mood tracking and journaling tools and educational content to build their awareness of mental health issues.
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Activity-based dashboards and payment options

As your employees make their way in therapy, you can see how engaged they are and pay only for the number of services they use. Keep track of their activity and notice their well-being improve.

Customized pricing models for well-being in workplace

Calmerry delivers bespoke pricing models to satisfy your business's needs and requirements.
Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG):
Ideal for businesses seeking targeted support during critical moments, such as transitioning between remote and in-office work, post-layoff assistance, or reducing turnover during challenging times. Cover the necessary therapy services your team requires only when you need them.
Per-Employee-Per-Month (PEPM):
A comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to provide ongoing mental health support to employees all year round.
of our clients are satisfied with the initial counselor-matching process
admit feeling positive changes after 2 weeks of therapy
*According to Calmerry Internal Client Satisfaction Research 2022

How to start improving your team’s mental health with Calmerry

Let us know you are interested in getting mental health support for your employees with Calmerry by submitting a Request demo form.

step 1

During the demo, our team will show you how our platform works and create a tailored offer for you based on your company size and needs.

step 2

We’ll sign a contract and start onboarding your employees to the platform with the help of mental health tests and expert content.

step 3

As your employees experience more of Calmerry, the overall level of well-being in your company will grow and you’ll see results in better team productivity and loyalty.

step 4

Empowering diversity
in the workplace

Latest APA research suggests that equity, diversity and inclusion policies play a crucial role in mental health at work, but it is their quality and implementation that make a real difference in employee well-being.

Calmerry takes this to heart, partnering with a diverse network of skilled mental health professionals representing various ethnic backgrounds, cultural beliefs, and gender identities. Their expertise empowers us to provide empathetic care that embraces our clients’ unique identities and experiences.

I am thankful that Calmerry has allowed me to support and care for my team. Work and life in general can be difficult and I feel,
as an employer, I need to help my team process their emotions.

My team knows that I care about them.

James Raynor Insurance Agency Inc., Orange City, FL

Attending a demo is a best way to:

- See a live demonstration of how platform works
- Have an overview of our flexible payment models
- Get a tailored offer based on your company needs and number of employees